O’Devaney Gardens: Public Lands for Public Housing

Satellite view of O'Devaney Gardens, Dublin.
Dublin City Councillors are set to allow a development on O’Devaney Gardens that will fail people on low and middle incomes who need housing.

By Councillor John Lyons

Dublin City Council officials and councillors from a range a political parties (Fianna Fáil, Sinn Fein, Labour Soc Dems, Greens and some Independents) are set to hand over a hugely valuable piece of public land, owned by you through your local authority, to a private developer.

O’Devaney Gardens is a 14 hectare sight right next to the Phoenix Park, and if developed sensibly, could provide a huge number of social and affordable housing units on site.

Unfortunately, we have a set of city council officials wedded to a pro-market way of thinking, and a set of political parties unwilling to fight this neoliberal status quo.

Bartra Capital Property Group have been selected to develop the site: over 800 units will be built yet the developer will get to sell 50% of them on the open market at who knows what kind of outrageous prices; 30% will be social and 20% will be affordable purchase.

This is a outrageous give away of public land to a private developer.

We can and must do better.

Dublin City Councillors will be asked at next month’s city council meeting to vote in favor of a section 183 disposal of the land to the developer.

We must reject this and demand a better alternative which will involve Dublin City Council’s own architects design a plan for the site and a building contractor selected to build the units we want – high quality social and affordable units available to individuals, couples and families on middle and low incomes.

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